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St Patrick: the saint of letting kids out of school ealry?

So the job search goes on. and on...and on...and on.

I had an interview on Monday at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington. the position is a 1:1 aid position for a non-verbal kid with downs syndrome and Autism. It went well. I think they'll offer me a job once they get my letters of recommendation. The only problems are that it doesn't pay much and because it's a 1:1 position that only lasts the summer I'd feel super bad if I found a regular job and had to quit the camp 1/2way through the summer. I mean, the likelihood of them finding a replacement aid partway through this summer is slim-to-none and thus I'd be screwing over the kid if I quit. So, do I take the job since I really need one and then quit if I get offered another job, or do I not take the job and hope I find a different one quickly? Financial issues vs. morality issues...fun fun fun.

I dropped off my resume and application at Barnes and Noble on Monday as well. I never thought that after graduating from college I'd be trying to get a sales job, but I think I'd actually like it. I mean, I love books, I love music, I love Starbucks, I love working with people and I've worked at a bookstore before. I guess it wouldn't be too bad. They're hiring full- and part-time help right now and I've heard rumors that they pay pretty well so I am optimistic.

I sent off a bunch more resumes today. *fingers crossed*

The little one's last day of school is today. He gets out at 12:15. It kinda sucks 'cause now I have to be at the house pretty much all day every day (which isn't too different from the past few months since they were always making me be here during my time off anyways). I was supposed to hang out with Trish at Soho today so we could talk about important stuff. Stupid St. Patrick's Episcopal school letting the kids out early on their last day of school. Trish has tons of last minute work to do today so maybe we wouldn't have been able to meet up anyways. I'm still gonna blame St. Patrick's. grrr.

Last night way great.

Nikki and I went to Borders and had loads of fun. We sat on the floor in the children's book section and read to each other. Complete with funny voices. I don't know anyone I could've done that with. *sigh, smile and blush* I already have a small collection of kids books for the future, and Nikki and I found a few more that we want to add to the collection. She has similar tastes in kids books as me: silly, weird "the stinky cheese-man" type books, educational books with morals and underlying meanings/messages, multi-cultural/-religious/-ethnicity/etc. books, books with characters that deviate from the norm (ie: girls that dream of being pirates, boys that play with dolls, etc.), etc. Our kids are gonna be super-cool!!

After Borders we bought dinner at subway and then went down to the water with our dinner, a blanket and our camera. We watched the sun set, watched planes/helicopters fly overhead, watched/chased fireflies, ate dinner, laid on the blanket together, etc. Very relaxing and nice. I think we should go down there more often.

I talked to my mom on the phone last night too. She's still interested in seeing the Kings perform if there's a show the weekend that she and my dad come down to visit. I'm a little scared. I mean, mom and dad are cool and all, but they're going to be uncomfortable at Apex. They're going ot be really uncomfortable if the show is as sexual as DC King shows have been in the past. We have a meeting tonight so I think I'm going to say something to the effect of "my mom and dad might be coming to the July Apex show. I really want them to come, but I don't want them to be super-uncomfortable or to walk away from the show thinking that we're all sexual deviants or that I'm a horrible person for being involved. I don't want anyone to change their performance if they already know what they're going to be doing, but if you haven't planned it out yet please keep in mind that my mom and dad will probably be in the audience and that they're new to this whole gay/lesbian/king/queen/trans/etc. stuff. I don't want to scare them or turn them away from me". Hopefully such comments won't anger anyone.

Ok, I need to go get clean so I can be ready to pick up the little one in an hour. Fun fun fun.

Stupid St. Patrick's.

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