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Am I truly THAT naive?

You represent... naivete.
You represent... naivete.
So innocent and trusting... you can be very shy at
times, but it's only because you're not sure
how to act. You give off that "I need to
be protected vibe." Remember that not all
people are good. Being too trusting will get
you easily hurt.

What feeling do you represent?
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I've never thought of myself as naive. I mean, I like to think that people are good, but if someone fucks with me than I'm not going to stick around or sing that deep down everyone is good. Some people are assholes, but unless you give me a reason to believe YOU are an asshold than I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Is that naivete? I don't think so. Maybe wishful thinking, but not naivete.

Living in a city is jading me a little bit, though. I mean, I'm not a stone faced killer, but little things that I used to brush aside now bother me. I still give most people the benefit of the doubt and try to think of logical reasons why they might be being mean or dishonest, but sometimes I can't help but get pissed off and assume that they're just a dick. People who cut me off on the highway: dicks. People who don't use their turn signals: dicks. People who take their anger out on me: dicks. People who pass me over for jobs I am qualified for: dicks.

Mainly I am still a wonderful kind-hearted person. I'm not naive. Just don't cut me off on the highway.

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