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Crazy as of late

So, life has been pretty crazy as of late.

2 and a half weeks ago Nikki had surgery. She had a benign tumor (which until a week ago we thought was just a cyst) removed from her left ovary. It was the size of a softball. She's been doing pretty damn well since the surgery. Some pain, but it's off-and-on and she's been able to get around pretty well overall. Regardless of pain, though, the whole experience was just overwhelmingly stressful and scary. Hopefully never again.

Then, two weekends ago we had The Great Big International Drag King Show 6 (and 6.1) here in DC. It was fantastic. Tons of performers (drag kings, drag queens, bio-queens, butches, femmes, tranny-bois, tranny-girls, gay, stright, bi, etc.) came from across the globe to participate and to shead light on gender performance. It was absolutely amazing. I've also performed in GB4 and GB5 and they just keep getting better. My only wish is that I wasn't as shy as I am around people I don't know. I want to meet people, but I always feel awkard going up to them and starting a conversation. Some of these performers are so good at what they do that I can't imagine them wanting to talk to me (especially since there are other fantastic performers for them to talk with). I did make cds for everyone of all the pics I took, though, so I used them as an excuse to talk to people. Oh, I almost forgot! The best part of the weekend was that Nikki got to perform! Only one week after her surgery and yet she was able to strut up on stage as Angel...WooHoo!

Now I am going to quote from the blog Nikki wrote yesterday:

"So the strangest thing happened. Beth and I have been house sitting for friends this week, but I've been going home and checking on our cats pretty much everyday. We have 2, Emma (9 months) and Max (7 months). When I got to the apartment this morning Max was no where to be found. I looked all over and nothing. Then I looked by our back door which is where they spend most of their time looking outside and thats when I noticed that the glass on the bottom panel of our back door was broken. Max had busted through the glass and broken out.

Emma has been fixed, but Max hasn't yet and maybe that's what it was. Maybe he saw another cat outside that he just had to get to. Its so weird though because he's usually a calm cat and for the most part afraid of everything. He isn't going to know what to do outside. He's never been out before. I looked all over for him, but he wasn't anywhere. I hope that he comes back home soon. He's Emma's best friend and I know that she isn't going to be the same without him, and neither are we."

Good news!! We got a call at 2am this morning that our upstairs neighbors found him!! YAY!!

That's it for now. Later...
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